​I am available for hire to speak on these topics. Whether it is for a college, outreach program, spiritual center, a community group, teen centers, a business, or anywhere you want people walking away inspired and ready to give their best and be their best. Please contact me for more details on lectures and workshops.

​• Own Your B.A.D.A.S.S. (Brave, Authentic, Daring, Amazing, Self-Confident, Superwoman) Self ​
• Wake Up to YOU – When Who You Are Is Enough
• How To Find Your J-Spot
• Now What? A Journey From Bruised to Blazing!
• Living Your Purpose​


So many people wake up every single day doing the same exact thing feeling the same exact way. No sense of direction, feeling in a rut, not sure why their life looks the way it does, and most importantly, not enjoying their life. That is not living! True living is waking up everyday with a purpose, with passion, and with a smile. True living is stepping out into the world knowing that you are giving it your all and enjoying it every step of the way. Of course, life throws curveballs at us, but when you come from a place of knowingness, of faith, of believing within the very depths of your soul, that everything and everyone brought your way are there for you and not against you, you can handle anything that comes your way! Not only can you handle it, but you can flourish in spite of it. I’m here to reignite that spark within you. To awaken to YOU. To come to the full understanding that who you are, where you are and why you’re here is not about creating anyone else or being anyone else, but simply being YOU. Our Life Inspiration Sessions will take you from feeling as if you have no direction and purpose to knowing that you do, and to living each and every moment of your life with joy, passion, and love!
*Must be willing to work and come with no excuses*


•What is Life Coaching and how does it differ from traditional therapy?

Traditional therapy focuses mainly on the past and working through those issues to lead a more productive life. Life Coaching focuses on where you are now and how to get you to the next stage/step in your life. We touch on your past, but it mainly deals with the present moment and moving you forward. Please note, I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist and highly recommend working with one if you have any deeper issues that they will be able to address.

•Do I really need a Life Coach?

If you find yourself constantly breaking promises to yourself to begin something, to stop an old habit, or really stop anything that holds you back, then Life Coaching is for you.

•Are all sessions confidential?

100%. Just like traditional therapy or any professional/client contract, nothing is shared outside of our sessions. Pre-consent forms and contracts are filled out before the first session.


All sessions are done via Skype, phone, or email which allows for you to be in the comfort of your own space. Please CONTACT ME for rates and any other questions you might have. I look forward to helping you ignite your YOU!



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