Hiking with Shari: 1 Easy Tip to Live More Happily

Most people think that life has to be challenging or difficult to live the life we dream of. In this Hiking with Shari episode, I share 1 easy tip that helped me find my path to live more happily! I hope that my journey helps inspire yours.

Tell me some tips that you’ve learned along your own path that have helped you live a more beautiful and inspired life.

With Love,

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About the author

Shari Alyse

I am the Co-Founder of The Wellness Universe, a motivational speaker, author, life inspirer, and vlogger. Besides talking, I am equally passionate about travel. My idea of the perfect life is spent on planes, trains, and automobiles seeing the world. I have pep talks with myself daily. One of my biggest beliefs is that we all have a gift that is uniquely ours and it has been given to us so we can share it. It is rare that you will find me without a smile and it is rare that I'm not trying to make you smile. I presently live in Los Angeles with my boyfriend and our cat, Hershey. I would say I have a pretty simple but extraordinary life!

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